Social Media is everywhere, and it has become such a ubiquitous daily activity, that it can’t be ignored. But where other marketing services have a “rulebook”, social media is the essence of creativity – as boundless as it is open-ended. The whole point of social media, and the reason why it’s often so difficult for businesses to break into, is to communicate for the sake of communicating. It’s a consumer to consumer vertical. Businesses need to find creative ways to talk (it’s called social after all) to their audience on their level addressing concerns and expectations, but also anticipating them as well.

At Southern Tide Media, we have a unique approach. We don’t believe social media is a marketing vertical that fits ALL businesses. We also don’t believe that all business should pay marketing professionals to handle their social media. So, just because it’s everywhere, doesn’t mean it works every time. As with all our services, we customize it to fit the exact needs of your business and your goals. See what fits for you by scheduling your free consultation today.