You have to spend money WISELY to make money.

At Southern Tide Media, we believe to truly offer Small Business Marketing solutions, you have to offer services that fit the fast-pace, tight-purse nature of running a small business. Some marketing companies will tell you that you can’t have your eye on the prize and on the budget. We believe the exact opposite. If you are only focusing on one or the other, your marketing strategy – and perhaps your overall business strategy – is that much more likely to fail. That philosophy goes for any business; small, medium, or fortune 500.

Helping you manage your marketing costs is what we do. We don’t simply help you spend your budget just because that budget is available. It’s our job as professionals to not only JUSTIFY the cost, but to also implement and manage those solutions in such a way to ensure there is a return – not a lose – on your investment.  That’s why at Southern Tide Media, we follow the ESTATE Method of strategic planning. Our customized solutions must be justifiably:

Efficient – No one has enough time to waste time

Scalable – Solutions shouldn’t have firewalls based on size. They should grow with you.

Trackable – Taking the mystery out of guesswork is why marketing companies should exist.

Affordable – You have to spend money wisely to make money. Spend yes. But not lose.

Technology-Friendly – Technology permeates every level of life. This is a no-brainer.

Effective – Even a broken clock is right twice a day. But your overall strategy should be running in the black, with a clear workable strategy that allows you to adjust quickly when needed. Because not all breezes blow to our backs.