It all starts with discovery. We start by sitting down with you and your team and listening. After all you can’t find out where you are going if you don’t look at where you’ve been. Our consulting services are personal and customized. No one knows your business as well as you do, and we never show thinking (or talking) like we do. At Southern Tide Media, what we do best is isolating the specific needs – and more importantly goals – of a client and filling in the needed strategy to achieve them. That’s why all our tactical marketing strategies are customized and never cookie-cutter. But, discovery can only start with a conversation, so contact us today to get started.


We build apps for businesses. Apps that work, that scale, and wow. Not every business needs an app, just like not every business needs to pay for social media marketing services. (That’s us saying that. If you disagree, let us know). But after consulting with you on your business or app needs, our team can help you develop a killer app. Remember what we said about technology? When, sometimes your business, your needs, and your goals are so ahead of the game that you have to build a custom solution for yourself. Southern Tide Media can help.

Sales Rep App

About two years ago, we noticed a need in business technology that we decided it made perfect sense to fill. We generically call it our Sales Rep App. Not sexy, but wait until you see it. There are huge number of companies who have a representative salesforce that are trying to persuade others – often other businesses – to buy their products or to use their services. Our Sales Rep App gives sales reps the power to leverage all their existing collateral and sales materials in one handheld, secure, and easy to use place. Right from their iPad. (and coming soon iPhone!). Sure there are a small number of “sales rep app” competitors out there. But what makes our app unique is that it’s a completely secure “closed looped”  application. So for those companies that hold their proprietary information dear, our app allows for them to safe guard their data. In fact, the way we empower companies to employ their customized (and fully branded) app allows for them to swipe a sales rep’s iPad should they leave their position for whatever reason. And it allows for administrations to run reports on how individual sales reps are using the app. It’s the perfect solution. So if your company has sales reps that are still showing off PowerPoint presentations from a zip drive, or worst yet, lugging around paper catalogues, give Southern Tide Media a call today.



What can we say? We love web development. Our web-based solutions that can range from a simple (but powerful!) websites for your small business, to a complex corporate websites with multiple integrations and active APIs. Doesn’t matter, we love web development. Don’t just settle for your mother’s brother’s cousin’s neighbor, or the high priced development firm.

Oh, and websites are just the beginning. Southern Tide Media can also develop software and application solutions for both Android and iOS. Don’t believe us? Give us a call and let us prove ourselves.



Creative Services

Let’s get Visual. If you would, allow me to belabor a metaphor. Marketing is like building a house. A lot of the marketing strategy and development of that strategy is what is built behind the walls. But it can’t just stop there. Your customers and clients don’t see (and don’t want to see) the plumbing and wiring of your strategy. They aren’t suppose to. What they want to see is how you captivate them visually, with the paint and decor. You get the idea. At Southern Tide Media we marry our rock solid strategy with pixel perfect creative. Want to see? Give us a call and we will be glad to provide you with your very own piece of art.

Direct Mail

If direct mail is dead, then why does everyone still have mailboxes? Don’t believe the negative hype surrounding direct mail marketing. Yes, we agree that you can no longer blanket the Earth in postcards and hope for the best. Don’t take the blast approach. Our direct mail strategies (like all our strategies) are customized and targeted to achieve results. Find out what your results should be.

Design & User Experience

UI love you. Sorry we couldn’t resist. User Interface Design (or UI design or User Experience Development) is about creating an effective and functional experience that makes somewhat dry content appealing. If you want to build a better mousetrap with your company’s proprietary software or application, let us take a peak. We’d love to spec a new experience for you. By the way, we do app development too! Just saying.


Web Hosting

We have partnered with the super awesome people at WP Engine for all our WordPress Built Websites. Looking to change or want it included in the website we develop for you, no problem.

Maintenance & Support

Don’t go with a company that turns your project around and leaves you on the curb to deal with the aftermath. Anything that Southern Tide Media builds comes with support. And we also offer extended maintenance and support plans that will ensure that you and your team is never caught unaware. Let’s face it, when it comes to technology and how it constantly updates and changes at the speed of light – a glitch or error is inevitable. If you think that’s not true, wait to the next browser update or iOS update and take a look at your website or application. (We won’t say we told you so.) Looking for a support and maintenance plan for your existing website or application that we didn’t build? No problem, contact us and we will review what you have and come up with the best customize solution.